Growing Pains (Split EP)

by Abhorrence

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The new and final EP by Abhorrence. This is a split done with our friends in Repressed from Elkton, MD.

Guest vocals on "The Fall" by Markus Russo of 'sabella.

Artwork made by Xavier Wilson.

Produced by Jeremy Jones.

Check out Repressed's side of the split here:


released October 31, 2016

Jeremy Jones, Nick Buonamici, Trevor Gilbride, Keen Tran, Justin Mayhorn, Andy Reynolds & Repressed, Trevor Novatin, Tyler Saczawa & Born a New, Markus Russo, Nick Bollock and Sabella, Dominic Stone, Dominic Legotte, Spencer Carpenter, Jacob Ashton, and many more.



all rights reserved


Abhorrence Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

PA Metal | Elizabethtown, PA | Sick Minded Youth | True Initiative Mangement

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Track Name: The Fall (feat. Markus Russo of 'sabella)
I cannot let this anger go. This year we've seen it all,
When will it stop? I'm so uncomfortable.
This will never end, i'm trying and trying just to pretend.
Broken promises, they keep filling my mind.
That you always said, we fall, we fucking fall.

I cannot wrap this around my head. When will realize you'll be left for dead? Searching for the answers that are never found. You won't like what comes of this.

Used to the fall, i've felt the ground before. But more and more i feel so numb, I just cannot ignore. These demons on my back, I have to cut the cord. I try to find my balance in this fucked up world.

I poured my heart into this and i'll be damned before i fucking give in. I've been bleeding for far too long. Just let me rest before i'm too far gone.

I pour my heart into this. I pour my heart into this. Have some mercy. Some mercy for us all. We will fall but stand right the fuck back up.

Have some mercy, some mercy for us all.

I poured my heart into this and i'll be damned before i fucking give in. I've been bleeding for far too long. Just let me rest before i'm too far gone.
Track Name: Failure to Society
I cannot be happy on this earth.

Two steps back into my fucking mind. Steady trying to climb. But i'm losing my grip. Broken fingers, calloused to the bone. Tear me down, I know how low I could go.

Picking back up with everything in me. Failure to society is all can be.

As I feel, as I feel. There is no more remorse. No sympathy for a coward like me. I do this to myself, screaming for help, but there's no one even there.

Failure to society. We're fucking failures to our own fucked up society.

You want to push and push and push this time. I feel like i'm fucking dying inside. I don't know why I feel this way, but you know I need to face it now.
Track Name: Detriment
I am not your pawn.

Just stay away, nothing can help. Nothing will save you when you want it to be your way. I do not stand for this. I cannot condone in this.

Careless to your own self, careless to your surroundings. I can't take whats done. Now we take it to the fucking grave.

Who are you to judge? Closed minded fuck, when will you learn?

Just let me be I can think for myself. We all know that you're fake. You can't judge anyone. I see what I see, I hear what I hear.

So you want to run your fucking mouth? I cant stand how you feel, I hate who you are, all of these choices will not get you far.

I can see right through you. All of these lies will show true.