Sick Minded Youth

by Abhorrence

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released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Abhorrence Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

PA Metal | Elizabethtown, PA | Sick Minded Youth | True Initiative Mangement

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Track Name: Young Bloods
We are youth. Are you down to change the fucking world? No

Twenty-some years old, who the fuck is to blame? Innocence, the name of the name of the game. Keep doubting we'll keep pushing just to spread all of our names. They say we'll live forever now sit back and watch us take over this shit.

Wasted years, where has the time gone?

We're never getting older, we're never getting older. We will live young forever. (X2)

Live it to the fucking fullest, you won't regret a thing.
Now it's time to stand up, and prove them wrong again and again.
You think that this is all easy, here's a taste of my reality.
Track Name: Shatter
Life chose you, how could you feel if that was taken way? Life chose you, step up and be the man you claim that you are.

For every lost soul, for everyone of us. We all deserve a chance at this life. For every broken soul, for everyone of us. It doesn't exist in this fucking world.

Does it feel good? Does it haunt your mind? You think your right but you know your are wrong, never mistake me. How could you do this to yourself. Why?

Take this time, and choose carefully. There are options for all to see.

Think your the man cause you let it slide, I dare you to see what happens this time. I'll turn this all on you, this is exactly how I shouldn't feel.

Shoot him in the fucking face.
You are the one who deserves this.

Now watch where you finish, we've fucking had it with you.
Track Name: Step Dead
This is how you wanna live. I can not take these fucking voices inside my head. This is how you wanna live. The sign of guilt reads across your pathetic face

I could never be like you, I choose the path I did cause I can't fucking take it anymore. How dare you come across my home, a broken family now needs to be on their own.

I never wanted to see your face, now I'm left with a vision that I can't erase. You didn't mean to, you didn't want to, so many excuses till I saw right through you.

I can see right through you, fake mother fucker, what the fuck do you want me to be?

Say it say it, say it to my fucking face. Say it say it, I cannot take this
Say it say it, say it to my fucking face. Say it say it, I will murder you

Don't judge me, when you don't even know who you are, don't talk shit, when you're the one that's wrong (x2)

Second chances are gone, the world around us keeps spinning while you're still small. I told you not to lie, not just today but never again.

Just because we believe doesn't change all the bullshit that you did, now we are trying to see how could you do this to me, you'll never understand (X2)

I told you never to fuck this up again. Listen to what I'm saying to you, I have had it with all this shit.
Track Name: Thief
How can you live your whole life by being a thief? I see the things that you hide, and the secrets you keep. Your just a filthy snake.

What makes you think I am naive? To the fact you're just like everyone else. I can't stand you, an call the things you do. You shady motherfucker.

You can try to run and hide, but I see right through you. Whats done is done, we're all better off. I wish I never knew you.

Stealing everything, when you're worth fucking nothing. Walking around with nothing on your side. Your fucking scum.

You will never be me, fuck it.
Fucking bitch.

You wanna know what its like, being a victim of a victimless crime. No more favors, no more looking out. Thats what you get when you fuck with the king.

After all those years, there is nothing to say. I'll stand by my side, stay the fuck away.

How can you live your whole life by being a thief? I see the things that you hide, and the secrets you keep. Your just a filthy snake.

I never wanted to be this person you held back. But I know what you want me to be. Time will tell and only time will tell. We're not the same that we were before.
Track Name: Fist Fight (Single)
Why are you tuned in, to every move I make. The saying be yourself is just one big mistake. Jealousy is one thing, spite is just another. Never adding up to me I wouldn't even bother, bitch.
Stop dreaming stop dreaming, you'll never know how to live. Take it from me.
Waiting waiting waiting to see what I do next, hating hating hating just like the fucking rest. Now you want to know why I'm mad. Because you think you're comparable to me.
This is where you think you have nothing to hide but it builds up and eats away at your insides. Clenched fist waiting for that moment, to beat the fuck out of this coward.. Who won't win.
Say something say something, now that I'm in your face let's see you talk now. Say something say something, the second I make contact.. You won't say shit.
And you don't need to swing first, mother fucker.
Now I am trying to see I'm trying to see, where do you get off trying to be me. Do you have the decency the decency, to hop off this dick. I know it's hard to be me.
(Why you wanna be me?)