by Abhorrence

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released July 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Abhorrence Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

PA Metal | Elizabethtown, PA | Sick Minded Youth | True Initiative Mangement

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Track Name: Triggered
Don't test me, you're pushing for it. These stories of my dreams, they haunt my dreams. No mercy, under god. I need to get away from myself.

I can't control how I feel. I can't control it, you can't control it. Emotions cannot be contained. Why do you gotta make things harder? When you know you will always be the same.

You will always be the same.
Track Name: Mild Mannered
My thoughts and my anger control me. Irrational decisions as well. No more time to move on forward, Im so scared of this life. Why am I scared of this life?

Like my thoughts when I sit back and dwell. I hate I turned out like this. There's no turning back. Tried to forgive as easy as you come.

Forever in my head, forever in my fucking head. When will things change? Things must change now. Tell me why I feel this way. Mild mannered. Mild mannered. Get out of my head, I'm sure sure you can tell. I know what you say. I know what you say.

These are my choices, These are my thoughts. Don't ever underestimate what you've got. Kill all the hate. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Fuck what you say. You wanna fucking play? Then lets play.

No more room in my life for sorry mother fuckers who can't get things right. Here we are in this game for two just like you've always said, i'm fucking sick of you.

Im fucking sick of you. You wanna play these games? Then step the fuck up.
Track Name: Culture Shocked
How do you know? How do you know that this life was meant for you? You think you know it all but you don't so step back. You think you know it all (Well you think you know it all) now step the fuck back.

Everything, everything you wanna throw it in my face. You're a disgrace, you're a disgrace. How do you feel now?

How does it feel worthless ignorant fuck. You know exactly how I feel. I am so out of place. Now you're running around, running around when you don't see me. Now you're running around, the only thing that you're good for.

How can you stand this when you cant even stand yourself? Everything you wanted to be is exactly why I can't stand you. And I know you can't stand me too.

I am fighting for myself. To pick it up and put it together but of course you would fuck it up. You selfish fucking bitch. I know my worth. I know my strength. Lets put it back together for my fucking family. Unless you want to stay heartless.
Track Name: YoungBloods Pt. II
Bring it back to the beginning. From the start of it all we stood true. We stand united. We stand united for what we go through. For what we go through. No more time for this pain and anger.

Were the ones who want it all. Were the ones who lost it all. Were the ones who want it all. Now its time to lose it all.

I can't find it inside of me to do this to you. So wake up and move on. I know this all makes sense. Trying and trying just to be the best. No more questions, no more answers. You whats yet to come. You know whats yet to fucking come.

Standing in the way of everything. No strength, no morals degrading you in everything.
Track Name: Beggar
Fuck this bullshit you spread like a fucking disease. Why does your hatred grab ahold me? You're nothing more than a lost memory.

Why does it take ahold of me? Looking back on all the shit that you did, I wish you would get away.

So beg, I wish you would get away. You're dead, I suggest you stay away. Just stay the fuck away.

All the things you did to me, now you're gonna fucking beg. Destroy, destroy everything left of you. So many fakes, so many friends. Let them out, Let them out. You beg, you beg, you beg.

Nothing left, nothing more. You've outdone yourself this time. Nothing to lose, nothing to hide. You're a god damn beggar, you're out of time.

Prepare yourself for the fucking debris. I just wanted to see how far you would really go. How could you swing so fucking low?

I just want to be left alone. Its what you wanted.